Wes Moore pays his water bill in Baltimore

City records show that Wes Moore, the Democratic Party candidate for governor of Maryland, and his wife paid their unpaid water bill in Baltimore City.

The Moores now have a $0.00 balance in their Guilford home account, according to an update on the Bureau of Revenue Collections’ online payments to place.

Campaign spokesman Brian Adam Jones said the online portal demanded multiple payments to cover the couple’s debt, “which is why the website says the last payment amount is less than the total balance. “.

hours later The drink revealed on Wednesday that the couple were $21,200 in arrears on their water bill – and hadn’t made any payments in the last 18 months – the campaign said they had paid the full amount “in excess of caution “.

Jones did not dispute the accuracy of the bill or explain how the Moores had fallen so behind on their payments, which are mailed monthly to Baltimore City residential and commercial water users.

Jones later told the Baltimore Banner that the candidate was not aware of the unpaid invoice until Wednesday.

Moore took the same line of defense Thursday, telling WJPA-TV in Washington that “as soon as we found out, we paid our bill and took care of it.”

The accuracy of Baltimore’s water billing system has been disputed for years, with sometimes inflated readings and other times no billing.

There is no public record of the Moores ever having disputed their water bill.

There is no public record of the Moores ever contesting their water bill or availing themselves of the Department of Public Works (DPW) appeals process.

Mayor’s spokesman Brandon Scott said the city will not release the couple’s water bill history since they purchased the Guilford home in 2017.

“DPW does not comment on matters relating to individual accounts,” Monica Lewis said. “While you think your readers would be interested in certain issues, we believe in respecting the privacy of our customers and will continue to do so.”

Before and after

Below is publicly available information on Moore’s water account as of Wednesday, October 5 and Saturday, October 8.

The first statement shows the couple owed $21,200.26 and hadn’t made any payments since March 31, 2021. (The statement doesn’t say how long the Moores may not have made full payments before that date). 2021.)

The second statement, which replaced the first online yesterday, shows the couple’s current balance at $0.00.

wes moore payment of $15,000

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