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BRAINERD — The Brainerd School Board has approved a two-year contract for the Office of School Resources with an 11% cost increase over last year’s contract.

The last contract with the city of Brainerd expired at the end of the 2020-21 school year.
The new contract, which board members approved at their April 28 meeting, includes a cost of $84,948 for the 2021-22 school year and $89,454 for the 2022-23 school year to be paid for a school resource officer at Brainerd High School.

The cost increase, said finance manager Marci Lord, needs to be more in line with the amount paid to the town of Baxter for Forestview Middle School’s resource officer. The money for the expenses comes from the district’s school safety fund, which can only be used for safety matters and which Lord says has enough money for the increase.

Under the contract, the school resource officer’s duties include protecting people on school property or a school-sponsored event, deterring truancy, serving as a role model for students and the district community; advise on security vulnerabilities, deter and investigate criminal activity on school property and at school events and respond to school emergencies.

Lord said the new contract includes more definitions and specifics than the last contract and allows district leaders to participate in the selection of the resource manager.

Miscellaneous On April 28, the school board:

New hires authorized: Hanna Anthony, credit recovery teacher at Brainerd Learning Center; Ah Mi Emig, long-term substitute teacher in developmental cognitive disorders at Forestview Middle School; Anna Hodnefield, speech pathologist at Riverside Elementary; Amanda Imgrund, autism spectrum disorder teacher at Baxter Elementary; Alexis Marcelo, ninth- and tenth-grade class counselor and student council counselor at Brainerd High School; Jane Martin, first grade teacher at Baxter Elementary; Alexis Roering, teacher specializing in developmental cognitive disorders at Riverside Elementary; Brandy Borders Beach, District Custodian, John Hagen, District Custodian; Alexandra Hines, long-term substitute teaching assistant at Baxter Elementary; Ruth Leinonen-Shepherd, teaching assistant at Forestview; District Warden Colton Offerdahl; Kathy Snow, long-term substitute school nurse at BHS; Noah True, long-term substitute teaching assistant at Riverside Elementary; Jie Westphal, teaching assistant at Forestview; Elizabeth Blackburn, district-wide Fun ‘N’ Friends program assistant; Grant Gmeinder, District Enrichment Instructor; Traydon Hendrickson, claims worker at Forestview; Deborah Innes, Concessions Worker at BHS; Michelle Johnson-Ding, district-wide event worker; ninth grade softball head coach Jayda Kline; Nova Larson, ninth-grade softball assistant coach; Catherine Moraghan, District Enrichment Instructor; Britni Rivers, district-wide Fun ‘N’ Friends program assistant; Taylor Ruhl, District Enrichment Instructor; Noah Rushmeyer, sports official at Forestview; Kade Stengrim, district summer parks and recreation staff; Catherine Taylor, attendant at Forestview.

Approval of a memorandum of understanding with the teachers union, Education Minnesota Brainerd Local 697 for a one-time early retirement incentive, which includes $25,000 from the district in an eligible employee health reimbursement agreement for teachers retiring at the end of of the 2021-22 school year.

Approved second reading a Records Retention Policy, which provides a plan for managing government records under Minnesota Law 138.17.

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