Republican Party chairman talks final planning ahead of Election Day – NBC Connecticut

Republican Party Chairman Ben Proto explains how he sees the final 48 hours leading up to Election Day.

mike hydeck: So let’s start with the US Senate. Leora Levy takes on our state’s best-funded and best-known politician, Richard Blumenthal. But as we watched her in the primary, she had support all over this state in a bunch of different pockets in Connecticut. Do you think she still has a chance?

Ben Proto: I do. I think, you know, she had a debate the other night on another station, where she did very well. I think Dick showed he lost a lot with his fastball. I think Leora knows the issues well. She’s really met and talked to people all over the state since elementary school. She’s, I call her the Energizer Bunny, she’s everywhere. And I think she does a great job. And I’m very optimistic about the outcome of Tuesday’s US Senate race.

mike hydeck: Your Democratic counterpart, Nancy DiNardo, said she hadn’t seen or heard of Levy being on the campaign trail. She’s as far away as you know right now?

Ben Proto: As far as I know, she is there regularly. She is outside talking to people. She is at fairs, festivals. She’s at meetings, she’s at breakfasts, she’s hosting events across the state. And listen, I understand Nancy’s position, Democrats tend to hide, so they won’t be seen there. So if they’re not there, they won’t see who’s there. Because when they’re there, people want to know how they screwed it up so badly. How did they take this economy where it was so good just 20 months ago and completely destroy it? And since Joe Biden became president in January 2021, they want to know why crime has increased so much. Why we can’t close our border, why fentanyl is coming through. So yeah, they don’t tend to come out a lot. So they won’t see the Republicans coming out because we talk to people every day and the Democrats are hiding.

mike hydeck: Okay, if we jump on all the topics, you and I could go back and forth all morning. Let’s stay with the candidates. So what’s up with George Logan to make the Fifth District race for Congress a draw at this point against incumbent Jahana Hayes? She won hands down last time.

Ben Proto: Well, I think a couple of things. First, she didn’t win relatively easily last time out. She won. And against an extremely underfunded candidate. This is not the case this time. And now we have a case where we have George Logan, who is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Everyone who meets George loves George. They like talking to George. He is very good at questions. He knows this area very well. It includes the hardworking men and women in this district. And it is visible. And Jahana Hayes is just not visible. She is not there. She’s never in this neighborhood. She can’t hold the staff. The people who, mayors and first elected, state legislators in his district, have a very hard time reaching him. She just doesn’t deliver. And on the other side, as a member of the AOC team, you know, she pushed far-left progressive policies that aren’t…

mike hydeck: She pushed back the AOC thing and being in the neighborhood. I don’t want to beat you on that one. Let’s go to the next one.

Ben Proto: She always pushes back, Mike, that doesn’t mean it’s not true. And actually, I can send you the cover of Rolling Stone where she’s happy with AOC and Nancy Pelosi and Ilhan Omar, who quite frankly compared America to the Taliban. So yeah, that’s who she is. I know she doesn’t like it. But that’s who she is.

mike hydeck: We will agree to disagree. All right, so next question, we now know that…

Ben Proto: Do you think it is not? If you want to talk about it, we can have this conversation. Do you think she is not part of the AOC team? She doesn’t line up with Nancy Pelosi and AOC on almost every vote?

mike hydeck: I have about 90 seconds. I would like to ask two more questions. So we know that Budget 2017 set the stage for how we pay down debt here in Connecticut. It was bipartisan, everyone defended it on both sides of the aisle. But that means you have to have more Republicans in state seats. How do you do this?

Ben Proto: Winning elections, promoting strong and solid ideas on the tax structure, on spending, on crime, on parental rights, everything the Republicans are strong on the Democrats have been shown to be weak on. Remember this time last year, Connecticut Democrats, Senate Democrats, tweeted with a meme comparing parents to evil, murderous monsters. That’s what Democrats think about parents, that they’re bad people. They are monsters for wanting to protect their children. So yeah, I think the way you do that is you go out and talk to parents, you talk to people. Look, we’re the highest taxed state in the country. Our electricity rates are among the highest in the country. We are one of the most inaccessible states in the country. We have one of the highest credit card debt rates in the country and one of the lowest savings rates in the country. Heating oil is nearing $6 and will likely top $6 before the end of the year. It’s all about the Democrats. They can’t hide it. They control Washington. They control Hartford. Everything depends on them. People are tired of paying. They can’t pay their bills. And when they can’t pay their bills, they look for change.

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