REPAY, Credit management company team



REPAY will work alongside Credit Management Company to deliver frictionless healthcare payments, a press release says.

The partnership will take place in conjunction with the company REPAY BillingTree, which works with omnichannel and integrated payments for the healthcare, credit union, ARM and energy sectors.

The release says BillingTree’s programs, which include various payment channels and reporting capabilities, can help get paid faster and more efficiently.

“We are delighted to partner with CMC to maintain its leadership in the healthcare market,” said Susan Perlmutter, REPAY Director of Revenue. “With 55 years of experience, CMC is the perfect ally in our efforts to accelerate digital payments in the healthcare industry.”

“With their impressive expertise in the ARM and healthcare industries and their exemplary customer service, we are delighted to cement our partnership with BillingTree,” said Joel McKiernan, president of CMC.

REPAY also recently linked its offerings to the insurance management software company Virtual Benefits Administrator (VBA), which will allow insurance companies to pay health care providers, including licensed health facilities, programs , agencies and doctors.

In addition, the integration will allow benefit administrators to collect premiums and other disbursements paid by the patients for whom they facilitate coverage, which can help expedite claims. And with the integration, users will now be able to access information about payments, benefits and the like through a single portal.

“Several technologies and innovations have entered the market, helping to streamline payment processes in the banking and financial industry,” B2B senior vice president of REPAY Darin Horrocks said in the statement, writes PYMNTS. “Health care is in a unique position and ready to follow suit. Administrators, vendors and insurers continue to seek new ways to facilitate electronic financing, integrate solutions, and create a seamless, secure and seamless experience for all parties involved.



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