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Jakarta, Indonesia, October 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / –, indonesia largest B2B invoicing startup with the United States $ 640 million in invoices processed since the start of the year, announces the launch of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) for small and medium-sized businesses. For customers who opt out of funding, merchants can still take advantage of BNPL through a new feature called “Get Paid Faster” (GPF). These features will provide desperately needed financing to more than 200,000 SMEs in Indonesia.

From left to right: Jeremy Limman (CEO and co-founder), Yosia Sugialam (CTO and co-founder) and Anthony Huang (COO) launches these products to solve a major problem for SMEs coming out of COVID. Many SMEs have had to curtail their business activities under COVID and are struggling to meet new consumer demand without a source of capital funding. After the pandemic, supplier payment liquidity is currently 75 days, 32% lower than pre-pandemic rates according to an Atradius study. This creates pressure on cash flow throughout the supply chain. Due to cash flow constraints, on average 1 or 2 retail businesses go bankrupt in Indonesia each day.

To facilitate underwriting, earlier this year brought in strategic investor Buana Sejahtera Group, which owns a group of companies in the finance, logistics and hospitality industries to expand capabilities funding from and operate a more traditional supply chain. “We have invested in several companies, particularly in fintech and the payment space in Indonesia which we believe may align well with our group’s core businesses and other investments. We see, with its unique invoicing, payment and fintech offering, as a startup that can not only digitize and unlock funding capabilities for our ecosystem, but also for other supply chains in Indonesia, “ noted Simon Pratama, director of the Buana Sejahtera group.

“Based on our own internal data, most SME B2B buyers only have the option of paying their suppliers by wire transfer or cash. provides payment terms or not. The good news is that this will be made available to all of’s existing digital invoicing customers., “ said Yosia Sugialam, co-founder of At launch, validated more than three thousand invoices for BNPL.

The product flow can start with the supplier or with a buyer. If a supplier wants to use the Get Paid Faster product, they can start by billing their buyer through the billing platform. Then the buyer can recognize that the invoice is correct and contains the correct information such as quantity, product information and price. A validated invoice from validated suppliers and buyers provides instant payment from ahead of its supposed payment deadline with a small fee.

Likewise, on the buyer’s side, the buyer can enter a purchase invoice or payment request to pay their suppliers with the digital payment options, including credit card, provided by, regardless. whether or not their suppliers have such a payment option. . If the buyer needs an extension of the term, he can seamlessly opt for the BNPL payment method provided by and then refund at a later date. Instead of paying on purchase, or even within a week, buyers can set up a payment plan to extend payment by 30 days.

While the pandemic has further stabilized in Indonesia, the impact on SMEs in Indonesia persists, both positively and negatively. “The current state of the pandemic provides us with a unique opportunity to further assist SMEs in resuming their activities and to provide them with more options to mitigate their cash flow crisis both operationally and financially. Both of these solutions have seen tremendous growth in recent months., “ said Jeremy Limman, co-founder and CEO of has provided over $ 10 million supply chain-based financing and claimed that the volume of digital payments tripled after the introduction of these two products.

As free billing and accounting continues to grow, sees the accelerated growth and adoption of these digital finance and payment products complementing the trio of B2B transactions: invoice / business document, payment, and finance. “We have observed that a business that uses financing also tends to use digital payment and billing. It becomes a positive feedback loop that continues to strengthen, transform and digitize the entire supply chain., “ Yosia agreed. “We are excited to see this digitalization momentum, and we plan not only to transform multiple supply chains across different segments, but also to give suppliers and buyers the payment and financing options they need., “ Jeremy closes.

About is a comprehensive B2B invoicing and payment platform that helps businesses send, track and match documents, reconcile and open digital payment options, and provide chain-based funding. supply. Founded in late 2016, can integrate with a large company’s existing ERP system via APIs, or become an end-to-end solution for SMBs, thus connecting and digitizing the entire supply chain. Over the past two years, has processed over $ 1 billion value of invoices in its platform

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