Nord Finance launches Nord NFT loans

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Bangalore, India – (Newsfile Corp. – January 10, 2022) – Nord Finance is launching Nord NFT Loans, a P2P NFT secured loan and borrowing product on its DeFi platform.

Artists make the world a beautiful and pleasant place with their creativity. Due to the imperfect nature of Internet 2.0, artists are unable to get their hands on their digital art and often go unrewarded for their creations. Web 3.0 has opened the door for every artist to claim their digital creation and monetize it using NFT. Now artists can create their art and put it on the best web 3.0 platforms and grab the attention of art buyers around the world. Experienced and novice artists have an equal chance of achieving their financial goals with their digital creation.

The wealth of NFT holders is tied to their NFT assets. If they find a new buying opportunity for NFTs or crypto assets, then they have to sell their NFTs under bad market conditions or at a discount to seize the new opportunity. The majority of NFT investors would like to hold their assets for a long time and let them appreciate. Holders of NFTs can benefit greatly if they can secure NFTs as real assets to obtain credit to be used for investment, personal or business purposes.

Nord Finance has launched a new product for artists and art collectors to monetize their NFTs using Nord NFT loans. Nord NFT Loans is a P2P lending and borrowing product to help artists and art collectors receive money on their promised NFT. In addition, Nord NFT Loans is a place where investors can earn attractive interest by lending the money guaranteed by NFT to another person.

North NFT Loans

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Borrow on Nord NFT loans:

NFT owners can pledge their NFTs as collateral and get a loan against them. They can use the money for their personal and professional needs.

If they decide to borrow money against their NFT, their NFT will be locked in a smart contract and they will get credits on their account.

Lending on Nord NFT loans:

Lenders can give money to NFT holders and earn decent interest on the credit given.

If they decide to lend money against NFT, NFT will be stuck in a smart contract and their account will be debited to transfer credits to the borrower’s account. If the borrower is unable to repay within a mutually agreed timeframe, the TVN will be transferred to the lender’s account. The underlying asset pledged can help lenders to hedge their money against any unforeseen default event.

“We believe that the growing interest in NFTs among individuals, artists and art collectors, influencers, celebrities, brands and HNIs will only propel the growth of the NFT industry in the years to come. . We are at the forefront of the growth of the NFT industry with Nord NFT Loans. We will facilitate P2P NFT secured loans to help NFT holders use NFTs as real assets. ”

Co-founder and CEO Amarnath Reddy

According to the latest Financial Times report, the NFT market reached $ 40 billion in 2021. NFT adoption will only increase in the coming years with greater acceptance. Nord Finance envisions the rapid growth of the NFT industry with the Nord NFT loans.



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About Nord Finance

Nord Finance is an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem designed to simplify Defi investing by bringing key functionalities of traditional finance to the DeFi ecosystem.

Nord Finance is built on the Ethereum network. Nord Finance’s multi-chain interoperability powers a plethora of financial primitives, which constitute savings, advice, lending against crypto assets, investing, and fund management.

Nord Finance creates innovative ways for everyone to generate wealth with Blockchain technology.

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