No “third party” should intervene: Chinese Foreign Minister targets India during visit to Lanka, South Asia News

Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang yi arrived in Sri Lanka on Sunday as he said no “third parties” should interfere in relations between the two countries by referring to India.

Wang met the prime minister Mahinda rajapaksa. China’s Xinhua News Agency quoted the Chinese Foreign Minister as saying that “it does not target any third party and should not be hindered by any third party.”

Rajapaksa has called for relief from debt payments as Sri Lanka faces a massive economic crisis amid the pandemic. that of Sri Lanka foreign reserves plummeted last year as it rationed electricity and sought to import oil to power its thermal power plants.

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Sri Lanka had praised the important Hambantota port for 99 years to China after failing to repay the loan for the port.

Although Sri Lanka and China have rejected reports that Hambantota Port could be used for military purposes, but the United States and India have warned that it could give the Chinese military an advantage in the Indian Ocean Region.

Wang arrived in Sri Lanka from the Maldives, where China has offered infrastructure support, including medical aid and visa concessions.

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the Chinese The Foreign Ministry quoted Wang as saying that “all island countries share similar experiences and common needs.”

Wang said China is proposing to set up an “Indian Ocean Island Countries Development Forum” while adding that Sri Lanka can play a major role.

Wang said the forum is expected to be held at an “appropriate time to build consensus and synergy” as China seeks to strengthen relations with Sri Lanka.

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