NEP Connect wins contract to supply ITV with an eco-friendly newsgathering fleet

Multi-million pound battery-powered eco-vehicle contract gives ITV News a market-leading fleet for the new hybrid era

Current ITV vehicles provided by NEP Connect.

To be replaced with a new battery-powered hybrid fleet.

Paul Stevenson, ITV News.

Director of Technology and Technical Operations.
Director of Technology and Technical Operations.

LONDON, 03 Feb. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Britain’s leading broadcaster, ITV, has selected CIP connection to provide its next generation of newsgathering vehicles for regional and national coverage of ITV News. The five-year, multi-million pound deal will see NEP Connect supply ITV News with a world-class fleet of eco-friendly plug-in hybrid vehicles, equipped with battery-powered interior electronics, reversing the need for a gasoline or diesel generator. These vehicles – built by NEP Connect, part of the NEP Group’s global network – will be used by ITV to cover the latest regional and national news live across the UK.

Fourteen of the sixteen vehicles in the fleet are plug-in hybrids and will offer up to 35 miles of zero-emissions driving, using a 13.6 kWh battery that can be charged from the mains. Each vehicle will have two external plug-in charging points to support zero-emission vehicle driving and to charge the on-board battery power system.

In addition to the environmentally sustainable architecture of this innovative fleet, the units will feature state-of-the-art technology from NEP Connect, including 3, 4 and 5G mobile broadband, Wi-Fi and satellite internet, providing high-speed connectivity to any location.

Each vehicle is also designed to provide maximum flexibility for crew options. All broadcast systems in each vehicle are fully automated and can be operated by a multi-role crew member if required, allowing ITV to limit crew numbers, especially as the coronavirus pandemic continues. The fleet will be among the largest of its kind covering the latest news around the world.

This collaborative approach to engineering design incorporates several mutually agreed environmental objectives and represents a compelling example of ITV and NEP Connect’s commitment to sustainability as businesses continue their journey towards carbon neutrality.

“We are delighted to have secured this important multi-million, multi-year contract with ITV and to continue our excellent relationship with them which dates back many years,” said David MeynelManaging Director, NEP Connect.

“We are also proud of the final design and the exceptional environmental qualities of this new fleet. We have fabulous, innovative and forward-thinking engineers, which has enabled us to design and approve this impressive, highly specified and environmentally friendly fleet of hybrid vehicles. Additionally, we have agreed that where there is an option of electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles and power for all future projects, we will pursue that option and continue our journey to net zero. We believe this is the greenest and most environmentally friendly fleet in the world for breaking news and we are really excited to embark on this final chapter with the exceptional teams at ITV and ‘ITN.

Continuing a long-standing collaboration, NEP Connect will staff mobile production vehicles based in Malvern and Manchester, giving ITV greater reach to access the latest news across the country. ITV recognizes the value of NEP Connect’s regional teams, with NEP Connect having held bases in these areas for many years, providing additional reliable support across the whole of Information Operations.

NEP Connect has provided dedicated satellite newsgathering (SNG) services to ITV and ITN since 1993 and together they have covered some of the most dramatic news of the 20th and 21st centuries. The live news coverage provided by NEP Connect has greatly enhanced ITV’s and ITN’s news production and this new contract reinforces the excellent relationship between the companies and the collaborative nature of the partnership.

“ITV looks forward to continuing its established relationship with NEP by providing a renewed fleet of live production vehicles to serve our regional and national news services,” said Paul StevensonDirector of Technology and Technical Operations, ITV News.

“It uses exciting new technology and the live production featured continues to be the cornerstone of our news service.”

“ITN have been delighted to work closely with ITV and NEP in designing this next generation of our live production fleet,” said Jon Robertdirector of technology, production and innovation of ITN.

“A reliable, easily deployable, and well-integrated field presentation solution is a critical capability across our business, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with NEP to achieve this.”

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