Mitt Romney is in denial

On the issue of illegal immigration, Romney accuses the liberals and the left of hiding their heads in the sand. “When TV news shows video after video of people crossing the country’s southern border illegally, many of us change channels,” he writes. But Romney conveniently ignores the fact that it’s the endemic nativism on the Republican side that has both driven the constant TV scare campaign of the still-running asylum seeker caravans and stalled immigration deals in the past. . Immigration reform bills have met with the same resistance on the same grounds – any path to citizenship is immediately denounced as an amnesty, even when included in deals with huge increases in citizenship measures. “border security”, as happened the most famous in 2014. Resistance also comes from the same quarters: Republicans, who will accept nothing less than a completely closed border as well as drastic restrictions on legal immigration. What Democrats are supposed to do about the GOP’s intractable position is anyone’s guess.

On the economy, Romney is even more adamant. Democratic Spending Drives Inflation Skyrocket: “As inflation rises and the national debt swells, progressive politicians are voting for ever more spending,” he writes. Apart from the fact that the causes of the current surge in inflation remain unclear – and that corporate greed and supply chain disruptions probably played as much of a role as pandemic-related spending – Romney is, once again, being deliberately dishonest.

For example, at no time does Romney call for the repeal of the Trump tax cuts he voted for in 2017, which triggered a frenzy of share buybacks while offering little more to the general public beyond worsening income inequality. In fact, he is not asking for any tax increase. It’s a particularly strange hole that Romney has dug for himself in the span of a few sentences: With one hand he extends an olive branch to the left in the form of an acknowledgment of the reality of change climatic. In the other, he withholds the means to deal with the reality he has just admitted – it is certain that the resolution of the crisis will involve rather robust spending increases and a change in economic priorities. Whether or not they are part of something like the Green New Deal, which Romney vehemently opposes (he referred to him in 2019 as “foolishness”) – is never mentioned. Nor is Romney filling the space with a new idea. Instead, by citing the national debt as the root cause of our problems, Romney is implying that he has an older idea in mind: austerity, most likely in the form of cuts to benefit programs. such as Medicare and Social Security — a long-time GOP dream.

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