Meet the 44 Newcomers Who Join Forbes 400 List of America’s Richest People


The threshold for the Forbes 400 list is higher than it has ever been – yet nearly four dozen billionaires debuted on the 2021 list of the richest people in the country.

Iit was a bumper year for billionaires. The richest 400 Americans are now 40% richer than they were last year – worth a collective $ 4.5 trillion – and these ranks have been bolstered by the addition of 44 new entrants , the highest number of newcomers since 2007. More than twice as many people joined the Forbes 400 this year compared to last year, with nearly two-thirds of them making their fortunes in finance and technology . And this is in a year when the minimum net worth to make the cut has jumped to a record $ 2.9 billion, $ 800 million more than last year and the first time the cut has risen since. 2018. Forbes used the September 3, 2021 stock prices to calculate the net values ​​for the list.

At the helm of the newcomers, with a fortune of $ 30.4 billion, is Miriam Adelson, wife of the late casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who died in January at the age of 87. She and her late husband have been among the biggest supporters of the Republican Party; in the 2020 election, they donated $ 180 million to political action committees and campaigns for Republican candidates. At 75, Adelson isn’t the oldest of the newcomers in 2021: that honor goes to Robert Brockman, 80, the secret billionaire software investor who has been accused by the US government of running the biggest program tax evasion in American history. ; he pleaded not guilty. After deducting $ 1.3 billion from its frozen assets, Forbes estimates his net worth at $ 4.7 billion.

The youngest newcomer is 29-year-old cryptocurrency billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, who is the second richest newcomer, with an estimated fortune of $ 22.5 billion. Behind age, if not net worth, are other crypto entrepreneurs Brian Armstrong ($ 11.5 billion) and Fred Ehrsam ($ 3.5 billion), co-founders of the crypto exchange Coinbase, and Baiju Bhatt ($ 2.9 billion), co-founder of stock trading app Robinhood Markets. Outside of finance and tech, the second largest cohort of newcomers comes from the healthcare industry, including Li Ge from Shanghai-based medical device maker Wuxi AppTec ($ 11.6 billion) and a trio funders and executives of vaccine maker Moderna: early investor and Harvard Professor Timothy Springer ($ 5.9 billion), Moderna co-founder and president Noubar Afeyan ($ 5 billion) and co-founder and professor from MIT Robert Langer ($ 4.9 billion).

Another notable newcomer is philanthropist Melinda French Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who now has an independent fortune worth an estimated $ 6.3 billion after the couple announced their divorce in early May. The 44 new entrants are rounded out by billionaire twin brothers and crypto entrepreneurs Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who rightly graced the first cover of Forbes magazine will be turned into a non-fungible token in April.

Here are the 44 new members of the Forbes 400 (net worth is as of September 3, 2021):

Myriam Adelson

Net worth: $ 30.4 billion

Source of wealth: Casinos

Adelson inherited her late husband’s 57% stake in Las Vegas Sands, the publicly traded gambling empire with casinos in Singapore and Macau, after his death in January. This stake was worth around $ 19 billion on September 3, Forbes blocked in the closing prices of the list. In March, the company sold its assets in Las Vegas, including the Venetian Resort and the Sands Expo and Convention Center, to alternative investment firm Apollo Global for $ 5 billion in cash and $ 1.2 billion in loans. . Addiction physician Miriam Adelson does not sit on the Las Vegas Sands board of directors; She has been the company’s director of community engagement since 1990.

Sam Bankman-Fried

Net worth: $ 22.5 billion

Source of wealth: Cryptocurrency

The 29-year-old MIT graduate owes most of his $ 22.5 billion fortune to his stake in cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX – which he co-founded in 2019 – and his share of its FTT tokens. He also founded Alameda Research, a quantitative crypto trading company with $ 2.5 billion in assets under management. His goal is to get as rich as possible and then give it all.

Jeff Yass

Net worth: $ 12 billion

Source of wealth: Trade, investments

The former pro gamer joins The Forbes 400 through his stake in trading firm Susquehanna International Group, which he co-founded in 1987 and which has made it one of the most successful companies on Wall Street. According to Alphacution Research, the company traded 1.8 billion stock option contracts in 2020, accounting for nearly a quarter of all options trades in the United States. Susquehanna also invests in private companies, ranging from the parent company of Tiktok Bytedance to the credit monitoring company Credit Karma.

Brian armstrong

Net worth: $ 11.5 billion

Source of wealth: Cryptocurrency

The 38-year-old co-founder of crypto exchange Coinbase went public in April, a start that valued the nine-year-old company at $ 86 billion and gave Armstrong a fortune of $ 11.8 billion. dollars. His net worth has fallen since then, following a drop in the Coinbase share price and the value of the biggest cryptocurrencies.

Paul Xiaoming Lee

Net worth: $ 9.5 billion

Source of wealth: Packaging

The University of Massachusetts graduate joins the list through his stake in packaging supplier Yunnan Energy New Material, which he also chairs. His shares in the Shenzhen-listed company were worth $ 9.4 billion on September 3, representing 98% of his fortune.

Lin Bin

Net worth: $ 8.5 billion

Source of wealth: Smartphones

Before co-founding Xiaomi, one of the world’s biggest smartphone brands, in 2010, Lin worked as a CTO at Google and worked at ADP and Microsoft. He is currently vice president of Xiaomi and his stake in the Hong Kong-listed company represents 87% of his estimated net worth.

Mat Ishbia

Net worth: $ 8.3 billion

Source of wealth: Mortgage lender

Former college basketball player Mat Ishbia turned his father’s mortgage lender into a national brand, United Wholesale Mortgage, and took the 35-year-old company public through a merger with a SPAC in January 2021. The list transformed him and his brother. , Justin, one of the first investors in the family business, into billionaires thanks to their significant stakes in the company.

Sun Hongbin

Net worth: $ 6.9 billion

Source of wealth: Real estate

The real estate mogul joins The Forbes 400 due to its stake in Tianjin-based Sunac China Holdings, one of China’s largest real estate developers. Shares of the Hong Kong-listed company have fallen nearly 20% CK since September 3, driven by market concerns over rival Sunac and heavily indebted developer Evergrande.

Michael kim

Net worth: $ 6.7 billion

Source of wealth: Private Equity

Kim is the co-founder of MBK Partners, a Seoul-based private equity firm (the name matches his initials), a company with $ 20 billion in assets that he founded in 2005. Born in South Korea and trained in the United States, Kim is also an art collector. and a writer outside of his career as an investor; he published his first novel in 2020, Offers, about the life of an investment banker during the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s.

Philippe Laffont

Net worth: $ 6.5 billion

Source of wealth: hedge funds

Melinda French Gates

Net worth: $ 6.3 billion

Source of wealth: Microsoft

Timothy springer

Net worth: $ 5.9 billion

Source of wealth: Biotech

David Baszucki

Net worth: $ 5.6 billion

Source of Wealth: Online Games

Trudy Cathy Blanc

Net worth: $ 5.5 billion

Source of wealth: Chick-fil-A

Good Kim

Net worth: $ 5.2 billion

Source of wealth: Online commerce

Jeff tangney

Net worth: $ 5.1 billion

Source of wealth: health informatics

Scott shleifer

Net worth: $ 5 billion

Source of wealth: Private Equity

Noubar Afeyan

Net worth: $ 5 billion

Source of wealth: Biotech

Robert Langer

Net worth: $ 4.9 billion

Source of wealth: Biotech

Matthew Prince

Net worth: $ 4.7 billion

Source of wealth: Cybersecurity

Robert brockman

Net worth: $ 4.7 billion

Source of wealth: Software

Gary Friedman

Net worth: $ 4.5 billion

Source of wealth: Furniture trade

Cameron Winklevoss

Net worth: $ 4.3 billion

Source of wealth: Cryptocurrency

Tyler winklevoss

Net worth: $ 4.3 billion

Source of wealth: Cryptocurrency

George kurtz

Net worth: $ 4 billion

Source of wealth: Security software

Ramzi musallam

Net worth: $ 4 billion

Source of wealth: Private Equity

Michael xie

Net worth: $ 3.9 billion

Source of wealth: Cybersecurity

Steven sarowitz

Net worth: $ 3.8 billion

Source of wealth: Payroll software

Hao Hong

Net worth: $ 3.8 billion

Source of wealth: Pharmaceuticals

Scott Watterson

Net worth: $ 3.7 billion

Source of wealth: Fitness equipment

Fred ehrsam

Net worth: $ 3.5 billion

Source of wealth: Cryptocurrency

RJ Scaringe

Net worth: $ 3.4 billion

Source of wealth: Electric vehicles

Behdad Eghbali

Net worth: $ 3.4 billion

Source of wealth: Private Equity

Thomas tull

Net worth: $ 3.4 billion

Source of wealth: Movies, investments

Franck Laukien

Net worth: $ 3.4 billion

Source of wealth: Scientific equipment

Ben silbermann

Net worth: $ 3.3 billion

Source of wealth: Pinterest

Robert hale

Net worth: $ 3.2 billion

Source of wealth: Telecom

Alexis Lê-Quôc

Net worth: $ 3 billion

Source of wealth: Cloud computing

Jed mccaleb

Net worth: $ 3 billion

Source of wealth: Cryptocurrency

J. Tomilson Hill

Net worth: $ 3 billion

Source of wealth: Investments

Baiju Bhatt

Net worth: $ 2.9 billion

Source of wealth: Robinhood

Paul Sciarra

Net worth: $ 2.9 billion

Source of wealth: Pinterest

Joseph edelman

Net worth: $ 2.9 billion

Source of wealth: hedge funds


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