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The company that operates Longview’s fixed-route bus system, Longview Transit, is appealing the city’s decision to hire a new operator.

In August, city council approved the hiring of Waco-based Hendrickson Transportation to take over Longview Transit operations from RATP Dev USA. City officials said they had received four operating proposals from Longview Transit, including one from RATP Dev USA. Hendrickson Transportation was founded by a man who previously worked for RATP Dev USA.

RATP Dev USA then filed a written complaint with the city of Longview. On Thursday, as required by a process outlined in the original request for proposals, city council voted to create a claims review committee.

“(Hendrickson Transportation) is not a responsive and responsible proponent eligible for contract award. In addition, the evaluation of the proposals by the city was not carried out in accordance with the call for tenders, ”specifies the written protest of the lawyers representing RATP Dev.

“The (Request for Proposal) states that contract award will be awarded to the ‘Responsible Proponent whose proposal meets the requirements of the RFP, and will be of benefit to the Town of Longview in terms of operational plan, quality, cost and other factors as assessed by the Town of Longview. “… The town received four proposals in response to the RFP. In addition to the proposals from RATP Dev and (Hendrickson Transportation), the town received proposals from First Transit and the East Texas Council of Governments. RATP Dev submitted the cheapest proposal with a total cost of $ 1,549,045.37. ETCOG submitted the second cheapest proposal ($ 1,723,882.04), followed by (Hendrickson Transportation) ($ 1,753,431.00), then First Transit ($ 1,932,242.49).

“RATP Dev is a global transport company that operates and maintains urban and intercity transport systems on four continents. Since 2003, RATP Dev or its predecessor has been responsible for the day-to-day management of the Longview transport network.

“In 2021, the city’s transit system, managed by RATP Dev, achieved a perfect score in the Federal Transit Authority’s triennial exam. In contrast, (Hendrickson Transportation) was formed in April 2019, has limited corporate experience, and according to reports and beliefs his principal place of business registered with the Secretary of State is a private house with a adjacent agricultural structure. does not appear to be a commercial office building. Remarkably, the evaluation committee noted the proposal (Hendrickson Transportation) above, including under Organizational capacities and qualifications of the resident general manager (team if applicable) and Past performance on similar projects / background / experience / references.

The jury will be composed of President Mary Ann Miller, Director of Administrative Services; and members Michael Shirley, director of development services; and Kim Adams, Chief Financial Officer.

The measure approved by the city council also allows the city manager to organize the short-term management of the bus system, since the current management contract expires at the end of this month.

A committee composed of the city manager, deputy city manager, finance manager and deputy manager of development services reviewed the proposals based on the following: “the organizational capacities and qualifications of the resident general manager; past performance on similar projects / backgrounds / experiences / references; technical capacity / project approach; management plan; and cost proposal.

City manager Keith Bonds said in August that one of the reasons Hendrickson was chosen was that the company had no plans to change employees or staff.

The Town of Longview retains ownership of all buses and other equipment, buildings and bus stops, while the management company operates the entity known as Longview Transit.

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