Jury finds Cindy Schulz-Juedes guilty of the shooting death of her husband in 2006



WAUSAU – The ex-wife of a pharmacist shot dead in 2006 faces life imprisonment after a jury found her guilty of murder.

It took the jury about four hours of deliberation on Tuesday to find Cindy Schulz-Juedes, 66, guilty on charges of participating in the crime of homicide and resisting an officer. Prosecutors have indicted Schulz-Juedes more than 13 years after the death of her husband, Kenneth Juedes.

In opening remarks, Marathon County District Attorney Theresa Wetzsteon said Schulz-Juedes found “the goose that lays the golden eggs” when she met Juedes. She said Juedes was a pharmacist with a beautiful four bedroom house worth $ 347,700. Juedes owed just $ 82,404 for the house, Wetzsteon said.

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The couple married in Las Vegas in November 2004 and, within a year, Schulz-Juedes had racked up $ 75,711 in credit card debt, Wetzsteon said. Schulz-Juedes admitted to signing Juedes’ name when she took out a loan on her $ 278,000 house to pay off her debt, Wetzsteon said. The couple have also taken out numerous insurance policies on Juedes totaling over $ 900,000, she said.

After Tuesday’s oral argument, Schulz-Juedes attorney Earl Gray filed a motion to quash the trial, but Marathon County Circuit Judge Michael Moran dismissed the motion. The jury began its deliberations shortly before 2 p.m. and delivered a verdict about four hours later, according to online archives.

Gray said in opening remarks that Schulz-Juedes loved and loved her husband. The money borrowed against the house was to keep the racing business he was a partner in, called Monster Hill Raceway, Gray said.

Gray said that Juedes’ two partners at the racetrack were involved in illegal activities and one of them stole money from the company. After Juedes’ death, a man at the racetrack spoke of driving the “getaway car” for the men who killed Juedes, Gray said.

Moran ordered that a presentation investigation be conducted into Schulz-Juedes. No sentencing date was available Tuesday evening. The trial, which was scheduled to last until November 12, began on October 11 with a day and a half for jury selection.

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