John Morrison released from WWE contract

John Morrison was brought back to WWE after a hiatus where he traveled the world and various promotions with a different last name in each company. Then he came back to have a great race with The Miz. This partnership ended and Morrison never found anything else. Now her time is up.

Sean Ross Sapp reports that John Morrison was released from his WWE contract today. November 18 is indeed a sad day for humidity, because the Drip Stick is no longer.

John Morrison’s wife Franky Monet was released in the last harvest of cuts. Now Morrison has joined his wife, but his non-compete clause will be much longer.

Morrison will probably have no trouble finding another place to wrestle. It looks like WWE is offering this one to Tony Khan, but we’ll have to see how the cards are dealt in this situation.

We’re sure WWE used “budget cuts” for the reason of this latest round of releases. Hit Row was also cut along with others.

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November 18, 2021 9:35 p.m.

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