January 20, 2022, Letters to the Editor

Connect the criminal dots


Growing up in Philadelphia, I learned to connect the dots in crime. A disturbed armed child enters the device. It is detected – so what? If they try to detain him on the spot, he opens fire on a very dense population and will harm most people. The system must discreetly alert the authorities and then train them, i.e. the police must do the dismantling in an appropriate place, not in a group of people.

The school did not think about this plan. Again.

Rick Palio


Grateful for the call to drive sober


January is moving fast but it stopped like a stone 36 years ago on the night of the 11th. Our 16 year old daughter and sister were abruptly taken away from us by a drunk driver.

I was very grateful for the pragmatic and impassioned plea from our Record-Courier editor, Kurt Hildebrand, last December 2, for all of us to consciously prevent this very preventable tragedy from happening to other families.

Equally appreciated was his pleasant “Prise” of January 13 highlighting the witty aphorisms of our breeders, page A10. Among the pithy comments was the ambiguity of the aphorism, “Actions speak louder than words,” which really hit home: Think before you drink. Thank you.

Joy Uhart


Trump’s deficit adds to inflation


Lynn Muzzy’s Jan. 6 response to my letter regarding “inflation, blame shared” seems like the Biden administration’s first year of spending has been so “gross” and “recklessly excessive” with “invented dollars” that they are solely responsible for “spiking prices for food, fuel and other basic commodities”.

In the last fiscal year of the Trump administration, the national debt, deficit spending, grew by more than $4.9 trillion. In the first fiscal year of the Biden administration, debt grew by just under $1.5 trillion. Trump has outspent Biden and Muzzy makes no mention of Trump’s far larger debt contribution. How come Trump’s deficit has no effect on inflation?

The sole purpose of my letter was to point out that both political parties share the cause, deficit spending, for inflation and nothing more.

Muzzy describes the BBB bill as a “colossal budget item” and as “unmatched in magnitude”. This is apparently intended to indicate that the BBB bill would continue the “gross” and “recklessly excessive” rate of spending wrongly described by the current administration. This is supposed to negate any blame for inflation for the single year of Trump’s $4.9 trillion increase in national debt.

First, let me say that I in no way wish to support or refute Bill BBB. The BBB bill is a huge expense, but Muzzy doesn’t explain that the $1.75 trillion BBB bill is spread over 10 years, making it a proposed expense of $175 billion a year. Even still, if the entire $1.75 trillion was added to the total for Biden’s first-year deficit, the total would still be $1.65 trillion less than Trump’s deficit last year. Although this is a very large amount, it is not, as Muzzy proclaims, “unmatched in scale”.

Additionally, Muzzy’s letter assumes that the BBB bill will be paid with “dollars…made from ether.” Although the government has already lied, the bill will supposedly be paid by an overhaul of the tax system. However, it is guaranteed that the current administration will spend “created money” increasing the national debt and therefore inflation.

Muzzy’s letter uses many irrelevant techniques known as “strawman”, “cherry picking”, “unanswered hypotheses”, “red herring”, et al. and I deliberately did not answer it. These include the following: how many times has the word “trillion” appeared in the media, inflation is at an all-time high, commodity prices have soared, Democrats are rolling Manchin on BBB, a party is leading the circus, the coming budget explosion, buying the votes of the working class, promising costly social benefits, exacerbate labor shortages.

Although irrelevant to my letter regarding inflation, I must add that the treatment makes sense. Manchin and Sinema, as described by Muzzy, was horrible, as was the treatment of the entire Congress on January 6, 2021, although January 6 “hooligans” could hardly meet Muzzy’s definition of “liberal” for those who assaulted Sinema.

Ben Justus


Rhetoric that divides


Lynn Muzzy continues with divisive rhetoric, using blame and fear to make enemies of Democrats. He would have you believe that inflation is more at risk because of them. He is not talking about the rampant greed that contributes to inflation with its cascading consequences. Greed, after all, is a human problem with no political affiliation. He would rather you “be afraid, very afraid” of the BBB plan. He doesn’t want you to care that it’s an investment in America’s future. Or that the plan to pay for it comes, not from printing money, but from closing the tax loopholes through which the ultra-rich avoid paying taxes.

Muzzy would have you believe that Manchin is a victim of the Democrats for refusing to vote for the BBB plan. He conveniently omits his stance that he doesn’t want to give up on Republicans. Manchin expects them to do our country good by passing what Trump himself wanted…improved infrastructure. He refuses to accept the recalcitrance of the Republican leadership, which seems ready to do whatever it can to prevent Democrats from passing something our country desperately needs…something that Republicans have supported but have not. were unable to pass when they controlled the House, Senate, and Executive Office.

As for the behavior of politicians accosting them in the hallways and following them into the washrooms, rudeness and incivility should never be tolerated. Muzzy calls them thugs. Is he using this inflammatory language to manipulate your emotions? Here’s what I find rogue: remove all but one polling station with the intention of making voting more difficult; death threats directed against electoral agents and civil servants who do their job; anti-vaccine attacks on healthcare workers making them fearful of wearing scrubs in public; threaten judges for insisting on facts, rather than belief, in challenges to the law; armed militias storm our Capitol when they are disappointed with the outcome of an election or because they are fed lies so often that they are unable to recognize the truth. Coercion should not be tolerated. Neither should lies, misinformation or misinformation.

It may be fun to lay the first stone at the unacceptable behavior of some Democrats, but you would be more respected, Muzzy, if you took responsibility for what happens within your own party instead of condoning it through your silence or back it up with your own divisive rhetoric.

Joan Costa


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