Increase Staff Without Increasing Headcount: The RaaS Advantage

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Throughout the pandemic, organizations across all sectors have faced an urgent need for additional EHS&S (Environmental, Health & Safety, and Sustainability) resources to meet changing regulations and the changing needs of their workplace and environment. workforce.

When such needs arise, how can organizations increase their EHS&S staff without increasing headcount? By turning to a source of contingent workers such as Antea Group’s Resources-as-a-Service (RaaS) solution. This model for solving temporary but critical needs is rapidly gaining popularityproviding clients with workers of all levels of experience to deal with a number of circumstances, from urgent events to efforts planned for years.

p>We will review some of the roles that can be filled using RaaS while highlighting some examples and scenarios where organizations might need to augment their workforce with RaaS.

How RaaS Works

In this case, the “resources” of RaaS are human resources. Long a staple in the tech industry, the practice of using casual labor is spreading to other industries that require highly specialized and uniquely skilled professionals for short-term engagements.

In the EHS&S space, organizations often encounter situations where the scope of work requires an increase in staff, but only for a limited period of time or for a project where the specialist skills are only needed to fill a small portion of the scope. total scope of work. to work. Organizations find it much more convenient to hire these professionals as casual workers.

When a company needs to increase its workforce without increasing its workforce, it engages Antea Group employees on a contract basis using our RaaS solution. In many cases, the resource that is brought in to serve an organization is a genuine, experienced employee of the Antea Group, being “borrowed”. (This is our standard practice at Antea Group, and customers appreciate being able to integrate a member of our trusted team into theirs.)

Antea Group, using its RaaS solution, will work with organizations to clarify engagement details, such as number of employees and length of service. They will also ensure that the resource fits into the workplace culture of the hiring organization in the interest of prompt reporting and an effective working relationship.

RaaS roles

Antea Group employees can occupy any RaaS role, from junior level to highly skilled professionals with expertise in specific domains and technologies. They bring instant experience and perspective that can be invaluable in addressing acute needs and monitoring. The cross-industry relationships and networks established by Antea Group allow them to easily recruit additional talent as needed.

The terms of engagement are quite flexible in the RaaS solution, allowing organizations to increase staff as needed on an ongoing basis. Organizations can bring in individuals or entire teams based on demand.

When to use RaaS

Each region, industry and organization has its own set of specific needs for increasing EHS&S personnel. These are some of the most common scenarios.

Urgent events

COVID has created an urgent, global need for EHS&S solutions. Organizations across all industries suddenly needed skilled, knowledgeable talent to help with health and safety strategies, training, and monitoring. These RaaS employees have been instrumental in helping organizations with return-to-work programs and COVID-safe event planning.

Other events such as natural disasters or industrial incidents present the need for a sudden and rapid scaling up of EHS&S teams. The fires that have ravaged parts of the world in recent years have forced organizations to seek EHS&S personnel to address issues related to wildfire smoke and evacuation plans.

Pandemic-fueled staffing challenges

Ongoing issues from the weight of the pandemic – including persistent infections, parental and family leave needs, and the fallout from the Great Resignation – have left some EHS&S departments understaffed and overworked. These situations can be mitigated by hiring RaaS employees on a contract basis as the pandemic moves into its next stage.

Business Transitions

Transition periods within an organization create specific needs for additional EHS&S personnel.

Startups benefit from skilled staff who can operate their organization with the least disruption possible in the EHS&S space. Corporate mergers and acquisitions often require an increase in staff to assist with changes in facility usage, procedural documentation, and training programs.

Installation Changes

Large-scale physical projects require specialized EHS&S expertise. Building and closing facilities are two ends of a spectrum that both present unique needs and challenges.

Construction projects may require expanded safety personnel to ensure compliance with state and local regulations on construction sites. These personnel may also consult with customers to ensure that safety is properly considered in the overall design of the facility.

Closures of facilities that produced or used hazardous materials require a very specific set of EHS&S skills. There are a limited number of such experts in the world and it can take a long time for an organization to locate the talent it needs through its own research. In this case, an increase in RaaS employees means having accelerated access to a proven expert or team of specialists who can confidently take on a project of this magnitude.

RaaS at Antea Group

Antea Group prides itself on having a quality corporate culture and level of talent that makes our RaaS employees a highly sought-after resource.

Our RaaS model offers a global pool of EHS&S experts who are ready to meet your specific technical and cultural needs.

Find out if RaaS is right for you

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