Former Ohio GOP chairman nominates to be party’s nominee for U.S. Senate

Other candidates for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination include Ohio Senator Matt Dolan, Mike Gibbons, former Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, Neil Patel, Mark Pukita and author JD Vance. Polls show Mandel leading this race, but he has failed in the general election the last two times he has sought Brown’s seat in the US Senate. He lost in 2012 and retired from racing in 2018.

On the Democratic Party side, Congressman Tim Ryan is leading the poll over his opponents Morgan Harper and Traci Johnson.

Republicans hope to retain the US Senate seat currently held by Portman.

The GOP candidates are all vying for the endorsement of former President Donald Trump. He didn’t make one, although he didn’t make an endorsement in this crowded race. All of the GOP candidates are touting their Trump credentials until the former president makes a decision.

Timken said she was in the political trenches supporting Trump in 2016 as Stark County Republican vice chair and spoke out when the Ohio GOP at the time “was publicly distancing himself from our candidate”.

“I’m the person who steps in and pushes back when I see something wrong,” Timken said. “This party was broken up and controlled by a corrupt president who is now indicted, and I’m proud of my leadership of the Ohio Republican Party because when I walked in the door, we couldn’t even make payroll. We had millions of dollars in debt and it was a one-man party, and not all the other Republican candidates across the state.

Butler County Democratic Party Executive Chairman Brian Hester, the GOP’s only female Senate candidate, has been “pretending” to be a Trump supporter from the start.

“Ohioans can spot a political impostor like Jane Timken from a mile away and will see through her pitiful attempt to do or say anything to try to keep her sinking campaign afloat,” Hester said. “She touts Portman’s endorsement even as she opposes her greatest career legislative achievement: the bipartisan infrastructure bill that will improve our transportation and information infrastructure to make us more competitive in the face of global warming. China.”

In August, Timken, and all Republican Senate candidates in this raceopposed the bill that Portman helped negotiate.

But Timken said she would work with U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Cleveland, as long as any bill is best for Ohio and the country.

“I will always be motivated by what’s best for the people of Ohio. If I can work with Sherrod Brown to get things done and make life better in Ohio, I will. But I don’t. I won’t compromise my principles and play football freely like too many Republicans in Congress have done.”

If elected, Timken said she will bring a long list of things she wants to address.

“It’s hard to say just one thing because we’re in so much trouble right now,” she said.

But when pressed on the first item on her list, she said it would be about controlling spending and ‘reasserting government scrutiny’ on the country’s checkbook.

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