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Football finance expert Kieran Maguire believes Daniel Levy will force Harry Kane to step back with his demands for a new Tottenham contract.

The English captain had sought an exit from north London over the summer with Manchester City, the most likely destination.

Pep Guardiola’s side were suffocated by Spurs president Daniel Levy, who was only holding for £ 160million if a transfer should occur.

A transfer ultimately never materialized and, as such, reports quickly emerged that the 28-year-old wanted a new £ 400,000 contract from Spurs If he were to sign a new contract, his side were also keen to add a release clause to give him an easy exit in the future.

The main caveat, however, is that Spurs chief Levy has generally avoided inserting such clauses into contracts in the past, to give himself and the club leverage in the process. potential negotiations.

This position interested Maguire’s point of view, who claims Levy won’t even consider losing the upper hand in future talks for Kane.

he said Initiated to football: “It limits the amount you can earn with a single transaction. There is a lot of logic, from a player’s point of view, in using it as a bargaining ploy.

“What if you have a player who has a £ 30million release clause now with a market value of £ 60million? A release clause is always in favor of the player and never in the club. Daniel Lévy knows it. You can understand that he takes this approach.

“He was able to make sure Kane stayed with Spurs this season precisely because he didn’t have a release clause. You compare that to Jack Grealish, where the release clause was £ 100million. don’t see Levy sanctioning that.

“When there are big clubs sniffing, they’re happy to trigger those clauses. So this acts as an insurance for Spurs not to have release clauses. “

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Although Levy shares a lot of opinions, he is a savvy businessman when it comes to potential expenses. He probably knew Kane would become a superstar when he accepted a new long-term contract in 2017 and made sure not to add a release clause that would likely have seen him go for reduced value. We get the impression that he has little interest in changing his position on this occasion.

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