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JACKSON, Michigan, October 6, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Anesthesia Business Consultants (ABC), a leading provider of billing and practice management for the anesthesia and pain management specialties, is pleased to announce that the fall 2021 issue of its quarterly newsletter, Communicated, is now available.

Communicated is a publication dedicated to providing practical and tangible articles and advice specific to the anesthesia and pain management community. Communicated features articles focused on the latest hot topics for anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, pain management specialists, and anesthesia practice administrators. ABC Offers Communicated electronically, as well as in hard copy, both courtesy of.

Tony Mira, President and CEO, explains: “With this issue of Communicated, we’ve set out to survey some of the industry’s most respected experts for their perspective on today’s challenges and opportunities. As always, we hope their ideas and perspectives will help you develop a productive strategy for your practice. “

In this issue, Bellinger Moody, RHIA, CPC, Chief Compliance Officer, MiraMed Global Services, Inc., N Augusta, SC, in his helpful article, In-House or Outsource? The proverbial dilemma: Compelling considerations for outsourcing.

In Popularity Contests and Disruptive Physicians: Avoiding the Death of Your Anesthesia Group, frequent contributor Mark F. Weiss, JD, owner of law firm Mark F. Weiss, Dallas, TX, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, CA, highlights keep readers on the dangers lurking inside groups. According to Weiss, the dangers can be just as worrying, if not more, than the dangers from the outside.

Coding is always a difficult subject. And the always helpful Kelly Dennis, MBA, ACS-AN, CANPC, CHCA, CPMA, CPC, CPC-I, owner of Perfect Office Solutions, Inc., Leesburg, FL, illustrates this point well in her article, Both New and Les Seasoned coders should know the many risk areas in anesthesia coding.

For these and past Communicated articles, please log on to the ABC website at www.anesthesiallc.com and click the link to view the electronic version of Communicated in line. To be subscribed to the automatic email notification list, please send your email address to [email protected] We look forward to providing you with in-depth articles on important trends in practice management across Communicated.

About Anesthesia Business Consultants

Anesthesia Business Consultants (ABC), established in 1979, is the nation’s largest billing and practice management company dedicated to the complex and complex specialties of anesthesia and pain management. ABC’s quality reporting program for all clients is able to ensure compliance with MACRA and can be extended to cover any quality initiatives requested by payers or the institution. Our registry enables participation and compliance with MIPS measures, ensures vendors are protected from payment adjustments, and offers bonuses for a successful report. Join the 20,000,000+ patients and 17,000+ anesthesiologists who are already reporting their performance through the MiraMed Certified Registry Program.

The heart of our perioperative product suite is ABC’s proprietary practice management software, F1RSTAnesthesia. F1RSTCustomer, the first customer portal, provides customers with secure and transparent access to ABC applications. F1RSTAnalytic, our powerful suite of dashboards and reports, provides “insight at your fingertips”, delivering real-time data prowess and providing the data to help you run your anesthesia practice as an organization efficient clinic and successful business. Our solutions provide accurate, fast and comprehensive billing cycle and revenue management. Our exclusive goal is to improve your cash flow and profitability. Visit ABC at: www.anesthesiallc.com.

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