Elkhart County officials discuss final stages of funding for Consolidated Courthouse

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind – The finance committee for the new Elkhart County Courthouse has met to review and make decisions on their second bond, as they seek to begin construction on the two year.

The design of the new Elkhart County courthouse will span 32 acres of land on the Goshen dependency road and officials are working out final details, for payment for this facility.

“This is the second set of bonds needed to pay for the construction of the courthouse,” Elkhart County Administrator Jeff Taylor said.

The county approved the first bond in 2021, called the general bond bond.

The second bond discussion Wednesday night, the rental income bond closes the final courthouse cost of $ 94 million.

“The lease bond will be sold in January,” Elkhart County District Attorney Craig Buche said.

“This second set is about $ 60 million to help pay for the construction,” Taylor said.

These dollars were collected by taxpayers without raising their taxes.

As for the construction of the courthouse, it is a two-year project and the county wants to start this spring, in order to respect the opening date of 2024.

“This project and the process started about a year and a half ago with the design and build process where the county posted a request for qualifications to interested contractors. The county selected, I believe, 8 or 10 and asked them to provide actual proposals, then they evaluated these proposals and selected the performance services about a year ago, then from that point on they worked on the design and construction contract for bring us to where we are today, ”said Buche.

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