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TUPPER LAKE – Tupper Lake Central School District Business Administrator Dan Bower now works for the Franklin-Essex-Hamilton Co-operative Education Services Board, but will continue his work at TLCSD through BOCES as part of the district’s response to a state audit of its department finances.

The state comptroller’s office found that cases in the district were often completed late, and Bower said this was due to the small size of the business office. TLCSD has historically spent little on its financial operations to save money.

To follow the state’s recommendations, the district will outsource more than half of its business office’s work to BOCES, and Bower was traded under that deal.

TLCSD Superintendent Russ Bartlett said they basically sold Bower to BOCES. Bower said it’s like an athlete has their contract bought by another team.

He will now also be working with other districts, but 80% of his time will be spent in Tupper Lake.

Previously, three or four people worked in the financial office, working in treasury, accounts payable, payroll, and purchasing. Bower said it was “not enough” because they all had other roles as well.

By contracting with BOCES, the district will not need to pay the services for the people doing this work. BOCES will.

Bower said that over the past year, BOCES has changed its rules to now allow districts to purchase services a la carte rather than as a whole.

The district buys 60% employee, 60% treasurer, and 80% business office manager. These percentages mean that people in these positions will work for multiple districts through BOCES and spend 60% or 80% of their time on TLCSD issues.

Bartlett said adding it all comes down to 200%, which is the equivalent of two full-time employees.

He said this option has the added benefit of generating income in the future through state aid for shared services. Bower said that for every dollar spent on BOCES services, he recovers $ 0.41 in state aid the following year, a 41% rate of return.

Bower said TLCSD had contracted with BOCES for payroll services since February and accounting since March.

Bartlett said there have been a few “Failure” in the plan so far. When the payroll clerk is not in the same building as everyone else and is not dedicated to a single neighborhood, questions and answers may take longer. But Bartlett said these are “small inconveniences” in a generally beneficial plan.

Bower said the district is committed to complying with its current policy of providing financial reports to the board on time. The district is adding policies to ensure these reports arrive on time.

The district is also purchasing accounting software for “Replace separate spreadsheets and other assorted documents”.

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