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BELLEVILLE – Since 2001, the Pennsylvania Education Improvement Tax Credit Program has allowed businesses and individuals to reduce their taxes by donating to private schools, scholarship organizations , pre-K programs and other educational enrichment initiatives. In addition to the tax credit received, local businesses can take advantage of this opportunity to become more actively involved in education.

Belleville Mennonite School has participated in the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit program for over a decade and has received support from a number of local businesses including Center Herd Health Services, Community State Bank, Custom Concrete Pumping, FOXPRO, Hamilton Farms, Juniata Valley Bank, Kish Bank, Kish Valley Electric, MCS Bank and Sharp Shopper.

Each year, contributions received from participating businesses have enabled the school to provide essential academic support to more than 20 families.

Mark and Raissa Donahey share, “The education our children receive at Belleville Mennonite School is extremely important to us. School is a place that builds on the values ​​we teach at home. The stimulating environment combined with a rich education is essential for our children to reach their God-given potential. With multiple children enrolled, this can get a bit expensive. The help received through contributions from local businesses has been a great help in keeping our children in school.

Another parent, Melvin Swab, shares his appreciation for the support provided by these relationships.

“Belleville Mennonite School helps instill Christian values ​​in the lives of my sons, which I couldn’t do on my own. “ he said. “Thanks to BMS and their EITC business partners for helping us on our journey. “

“Part of MCS Bank’s mission is to invest our resources in a way that has a positive impact on our community. One way to fulfill this mission is to support local families and their children who seek Christian education at Belleville Mennonite School. The EITC program allows us to provide a larger contribution to the school’s scholarship fund than would otherwise be possible ”, Terry Foster, CEO of MCS Bank, said.

John Dillon, President of FOXPRO, adds: “Thanks to the EITC program, FOXPRO Inc. is fortunate to be able to direct a significant portion of its tax dollars to worthy local beneficiaries. We are delighted to partner with Belleville Mennonite School as they continue to provide quality education based on superb spiritual and social themes.

Belleville Mennonite School provides a Christ-centered education and a biblical worldview that inspires students to develop their spirits, build their faith and be disciples. To learn more about the school or this unique opportunity for businesses and individuals to receive a tax credit while supporting education, visit or call the school office at (717 ) 935-2184.

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