Chris Roemer: The Democratic Party has gone too far

The midterm elections are fast approaching and the Democratic Party learns that it has left the American people behind.

Once the proud champion of the working family, it has morphed into a party of moral patricians, a party unable even to define what a woman is, which preaches that every white person at the time of birth is a racist. He views the police as criminals and criminals as victims and has such a weak understanding of the economy that he cannot understand why pumping trillions of dollars of government spending into the economy leads to runaway inflation.

People are crossing the southern border in record numbers and the situation is expected to get worse. Prices for everything are skyrocketing, crime is spiraling out of control, parents are rising up against what they see as the indoctrination of their children, but the party insists it simply has a messaging problem.

Democratic lawmakers cling to their entrenched practice of trying to buy votes. Sometimes they just send checks. This year, you can expect President Joe Biden to write off student debt in an effort to buy the youth vote. Of course, debt cancellation does not exist. There is no magic spell that will make over a trillion dollars of debt disappear. Poof, here we go! No, if the people who borrowed the money don’t pay back what they owe, the American taxpayer will be left to foot the bill.

Senate Democrats have already made their bid this cycle for the African-American vote. From their perspective, Ketanji Brown Jackson ticks that box. Having an African-American woman on the Supreme Court is undoubtedly a significant and historic event, but the party doesn’t seem to understand what African-American families really want, which is lower food prices and housing. gasoline, and something done against the crime that ravages too many people. of their communities. Being able to vote without providing identification is not at the top of the average African-American family’s wish list.

For some reason, progressives think Americans desperately want everyone to learn how to use pronouns correctly rather than let their elected officials dictate how much their utility bills are now 30% higher than they are. weren’t at this time last year.

China burns 700% more coal than the United States, and the amount of coal it uses continues to rise, but the United States bears the cost of reducing global emissions. Democrats ignore China’s irresponsibility, while advocating policies that are decimating entire coal communities here at home.

President Biden becomes a frail old man before our eyes, wandering the stages looking for someone’s hand to shake. His approval ratings are plummeting, and the prospect of a Republican tsunami in November becomes more likely with each passing day. Yet progressives continue to demand that party members stay the course, like lemmings leaping off a cliff.

The Democratic Party no longer represents American values. It was hijacked by a group of left-leaning teenagers who control the narrative and declare anyone who disagrees with them a right-wing extremist.

Can you imagine a world ruled by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar? I think a lot of people can, which is why Democrats are bleeding support from Hispanics, African Americans, suburban women, working people, parents — you name the group.

When I think of the Democratic Party, I think of giants like Tip O’Neil, Tom Foley, Robert Byrd and Lyndon Johnson. It is simply impossible to compare these titans of American politics to today’s precocious neophytes and their older party brethren who are certainly old enough to know more, but who fear that unruly children will turn against them. .

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Years ago, the leftist intellectual elite took over the colleges and universities of this country. Generally, these are people who think they are smarter than the rest of us. Academics who live in a bubble, and who have the freedom to indulge their fantasy by inventing a pantheon of social theories that serve as a tribute to their enormous egos. Pampered and protected, these self-proclaimed guardians of moral superiority are free to push their intellectual wedge on impressionable young minds, who are prone to confuse scholarly drivel with actual wisdom.

Our colleges, now firmly in control of the left, revel in their ability to tear down everything cherished by previous generations and replace it with values ​​and systems of their own invention, pumping in waves of graduates duly subjected to the washout of brain who rise to leadership positions. in business, journalism and politics, and which, over time, pushed the Democratic Party ever further to the left.

For a time, they managed to drag society down with them by threatening anyone who dared to challenge their views. Either obey their dictates or risk losing your job, your position and your reputation, but the polls suggest that the American people have had enough. Even millennials are now starting to realize that they have been sold a bill of goods.

The Democrats have simply gone too far, and more and more Americans are concluding that the party is governed by values ​​foreign to their own.

In November, there will probably be a settling of scores, and it can’t happen soon enough.

Democrats better seriously consider going back to their roots, or they risk going down the path of the Bull Moose Party.

Chris Roemer is a retired banker and educator who resides in Finksburg. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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